Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Pics...Wedding

My sister the Bride and I.....
Rory (11) and I. I just can't believe how grown up she is getting

Again Rory and I

Both of my girls. Abi(8) and Rory(11) and I

The girls and their Dad

The Bride

Dancing or throwing signs...can't decide

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thankful Sunday!

I am going to try to start a new thing.....I am adding my "Thankful Sunday Six" to my blog. I will post my six things I am thankful (I am sure there are way more than six but we will stick with six) on my blog each Sunday. I think its important to go into the new week with the right mindset and remember the things we are thankful for and not the things we worry about in the coming week!

This week I am Thankful For:

1. My husband working so hard and soooo many hours for us!
2. We got through a very hard week of commitments and are now able to rest up.
3. In only three weeks my sister and her kiddos will be here from Colorado to celebrate my youngest sister getting married.
4. I am very happy that my oldest daughter will be getting new glasses and the insurance is covering most of the she can see the board better.
5. Even though I have strong feelings about our "government health care" I am very thankful for the Health Insurance my hubby's work provides us. With kids and ailments that seem to pop-up our health insurance sure does help. 
6. And the big thank you thankful report goes out to our Auto Insurance USAA this week. A few weeks ago we had a little mishap with our van in the Anza Borrego Desert. Our Insurance came to the rescue in towing us out and getting our car fixed and getting us a rental car. Yippee. They sure do rock!!!!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Gluten Free on Vacation

Recently we went on Vacation to the little mountain town of Twin Peaks. This town is located near Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. This is our first time going up there since Rory went Gluten Free last April. To say we have struggled with turning most of meal options into Gluten Free would be untrue. It actually was an easy transition once we figured out what "gluten" was. But to go on vacation was a whole new experience. We try to cook most of our meals on vacation so for Breakfast, lunch and dinner we had our own meals ready to go. But we wanted to go out to eat for 2 of our meals....maybe a lunch and a dinner. So time came to go and eat....hmmm what were our options? Chinese....well that was just not going to work. I don't even want to try to figure out if they even had something GF. Ya right! Mexican (our fallback every time), Pizza, Italian and Thai. Well last time we took the girls to Thai they hated we made the decision not too go there even though it may have been easier than what we encountered. 
Our first call was to the local (very overpriced) pizza joint. Yes they did serve GF pizza in a mini size only. Perfect. So we decided on pizza. Ordered and waited. Our medium very gluten filled pizza and Rory's mini pizza remember I have only been on this GF quest for less than a year. I looked at Rory's pizza and thought "that doesn't look like all the other GF pizza's I have seen". I took it back and asked the lady "are you sure this is GF?" first clue was that she didn't know...I said you know what this is not like a GF pizza most are thin crust and this looks just like a regular crust pizza. I think you need to remake it to be safe. They did thankfully....and it came out just how one should look flat and thin. So lesson learned * never be afraid to ask and demand* Now when we went up to Big Bear I called around to their little boutique type restaurants and this was the responses I got to my question...
Q: Do you offer Gluten Free Menu items? 
A: What is Gluten?, We wont tell you because we don't want to be wrong?, Sure we have something I am sure we can figure it out.
Q: Is your BBQ sauce Gluten Free?
A: We don't know.

So I was loosing my mind. We decided on a place for lunch and Rory just got a plain hamburger patty wrapped in lettuce to be safe. I felt so bad but really how is this little town so far behind in food sensitivities and allergies. Next time....oh wait there wont be one we will just bring our own packed lunch if we want to see Big Bear again!

Adventures in Gluten Free Dining...they seem to be a lot easier in the city!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Made it through Thanksgiving Break!

As a homeschooling mom breaks from school are much needed around here! However the routine of school is also much needed! The girls and I normally love the first couple days of break but by the end of the week they are bored and I am loosing my mind. So this past week we had time off of school and I told the girls they got to choose between still doing some school each day or doing special chores each day.....they choose chores! I made a list with Monday through Friday on it....and I listed out 2-3 chores each day that they had to do TOGETHER! of course I told them these are apart from everyday expectations (showering, making bed etc.). So they had things like dusting bookshelves, cleaning out video cabinet, organizing books on shelf, cleaning bathroom. I gave them Thursday off! This allowed me some time to get my stuff done while they were working and they also had to figure out how to do their work together, which with two girls this is not always so easy.
I can happily say we made it through Thanksgiving break without any major incidents! So now here is to two weeks of school until Christmas Break....however with 3 weeks off there I do think we will do a bit of work to keep our minds up to speed.

Wishing you a great start to your week,

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Is it okay to wait?

Well it is December 1st...yup already! And instead of thinking "yay its December" I am overly anxious! I am worried about setting up our Christmas Decor. That is crazy right? Everyone is getting things up and lights are up on houses (even before Thanksgiving this year). I want to wait till hubby has his next round of days off....I want him to be able to participate and make it a family affair like we do every year. But the world has brainwashed me....I am worried..."will I get enough time with my decorations out?" Ya I am going crazy. I have one poinsettia outside my front door, only because it was gifted to me. Nothing else! I can't even get to our advent quilt in the do you do Christmas without the advent! The kids are drilled in routine and tradition, they are already talking about the advent calendar and I can't even get to it. So I sit here tempted to go to the garage and have boxes tumble down on top of me and possibly break a limb in order to get Christmas set-up here in the Simpson House! But I am holding back....hopefully for another week!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Thankful 5

I was with the family for my 5 on Friday so I am doing them today and dubbing them my "Thanksgiving Thankful 5!"

1. I am so very thankful for the Grace shown to me by the Lord Jesus Christ!
2. I am thankful for my husband and how very hard he has worked for his family and continues to work to support us.
3. I am thankful for my family! Near and Far!
4. I am thankful (even though sometimes I forget to be thankful for it) to be able to home school and stay home with my girls! I get to be their mom and teacher, I am so blessed!
5. I am thankful for my health and all the blessings and answered prayers this past year! Blessings abound!!!!

I pray your Thanksgiving was blessed and safe! 

Till Next Time,

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disappearing Nine Patch

I have been working on a current project. I have not had a whole lot of time to work on it but I do think it is coming along quite well. This is Moda "Lovely" and the design is the "Disappearing Nine Patch" I had lots of fun making this part of it. Now I have to still add borders and quilt it but it should be done before Christmas.

Till next time...